About Jamaica

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Jamaica is a wonderfully diverse island paradise which makes it a perfect and tranquil location to learn English. As the largest English-speaking Island in the Caribbean spanning 4,400 square miles, the island boasts a unique eco-system, vibrant culture, wonderful food, breath-taking scenery and a large variety of colourful birds and fauna.

In addition to Jamaica’s outstanding natural beauty, Jamaica has a rich and colourful history. Jamaica was initially inhabited by the Arawak Indians, the paintings of whom can still be found in caves around the island. Mass migration came to Jamaica by way of the slave trade and colonisation with the British and Spanish having colonised Jamaica at different periods of its history. Colonisation also introduced those of African descent to the island of Jamaica, as well as Indian and Chinese indentured labourers. Today, Jamaica is a multi-ethnic as the motto of Jamaica “Out of Many – One” demonstrates.

With beautiful beaches, waterfalls, duty-free shopping and rafting; it is easy to see why Jamaica is a popular travel destination. Jamaica is lucky enough to boast a year-round tropical climate, vibrant music scene, deliciously prepared fresh food and activities to keep even the most demanding traveller happy.

We look forward to welcoming you to our lovely island so that you can enjoy all that Jamaica has to offer.